A New Year for BVA

Dear friends of the Belgian-Vietnamese Alliance,

The Belgian Vietnamese Alliance aims to enhance the cooperation between Belgium and Vietnam in the economic, cultural and social fields. It offers valuable resources for anyone interested in Belgium or Vietnam: whether you are planning a trip to either of the countries, just want to catch up on the news, or intend to set up a business in Vietnam or Belgium. BVA and its distinguished partners organise the most exclusive member events, such as keynote addresses, networking opportunities, cultural manifestations, conferences, charity events, and much more…

It would be of great help to us, if you’d support the BVA, by becoming a member or by giving a gift. You can take the form below, and send this information to info@belvietnam.be

Best regards,

Andries Gryffroy
President of The Belgian-Vietnamese Alliance

Subscription Form:


O Individual member: 50 €
O Associate member: 200 €
O Corporate member: 400 €
O Sponsor member: 1.000 €
O Free gift: ______ €

Bank Account: BNP: BE09 0016 4065 4057
You will receive an invoice after BVA has received your contribution.

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