Vietnamese cultural flavours day in the Park

Our goal

A Vietnamese Day in the Park is an initiative of the Belgian-Vietnamese-Alliance – Chamber of Commerce Belgium, Luxemburg and Vietnam. We want you to discover Vietnam in all her beauty, smells and smiles.

Our social Project

The proceeds of this day will be entirely used for self-controlled, small social projects in Vietnam, such as educational material for pupils in remote areas, support to handicapped & elderly people, …

Program of the day

Start at 11:00 am 

During this journey we take you to Vietnam by smelling the flavours and tasting the healthy food. Imagine yourself in Vietnam and take a seat at one of the food stalls, just like you can find them at each street corner. You  get the opportunity to attend our cooking sessions where you can try out a delicious recipe, made with the help of our favourite chef Quyen.

In the Art Corner you can enjoy and even ‘buy’ Vietnamese Art, listen to the amazing and romantic Vietnamese music by Binh Thu or admire a traditional Vietnamese dance.

For the younger ones we have a kids’ corner where they can play, color or read.

Should you be interested to read the latest novel of Marcus Leroy, don’t miss to ‘meet & greet’ the author himself and buy a signed version.

If you prefer to be more Zen, we suggest you  to go to the booth of Funda Mental where you can meet Luan Doan & Phong Huynh and learn how to relax. An additional foot massage can make the relaxation complete.

For those who love elegancy, don’t miss our fashion show of Ao Dai, a private antique collection, exceptionally shown on this occasion.

If Vietnam has stolen your heart in the course of the day, kindly pass by one of the travel agencies who will surely recommend you an interesting deal /package, or just by a souvenir at our Fancy Fair.

We bet you will dream tonight of an exciting visit to Vietnam!