Vietnamese cultural flavours day in the Park

Our Program starts at 11:00am

During this journey we take you to Vietnam by smelling the flavors and tasting the healthy food. Imagine yourself in Vietnam and take a seat at the various food stalls just like you can find them at each street corner. You might be even invited to participate at one of our cooking sessions where you can try out a delicious recept made by yourself with the help of our favorite cook Quyen.

Also you surely will enjoy the Art Corner where you can buy or appreciate Vietnamese Art and this for the good cause, listen to the amazing and romantic Vietnamese music by Ngo Hong Quang , or even learn your first Vietnamese words during the Vietnamese class sessions. For the smaller one’s we foresee a kids corner where they can play and color or read some books..
If you want to read the newest roman of Marcus Leroy, be sure you will have the occasion to buy a signed version by the author himself.

If you prefer to be more Zen than we suggest you to try out Funda Mental Zen Sport by Luan Doan & Phong Huynh in order to be completely relaxed at the end of the day.
For those who want it elegant, don’t miss our fashion show of Dai Dao, a private antique collection specially shown for this occasion.

TV fanatics certainly know “De Mol” who was taken in Vietnam. Well now, enjoy and be for one day De Mol and imagine yourself on the spot. Have a look, play and have fun.

To cloture your day near 7:00 pm and persuade to discover Vietnam in real time, we suggest you to pass by one of the travel agencies who surely will recommend you an interesting deal / package, or just by a souvenir at our Fancy Fair. Bet you will dream that night of an exciting visit to Vietnam!

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